Scholarship Program

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We believe that gymnastics is beneficial to our students in ways that far exceed learning how to do a cartwheel or a back handspring.  As such, we developed a scholarship program so that we can be a part of children’s lives who may not be able to attend otherwise. 

Scholarship Availability:

At the time of this writing, we have exceeded the amount of scholarships we planned to offer for 2016.  This doesn't mean we are not offering scholarship at this time, it just means that a scholarship needs to open up or we need to be able to fund more scholarships first. If you are interested in our scholarship program longer term (may take 2-3 months before you hear from us if nothing opens earlier), you are welcome to print out the scholarship application form and turn it into the office.  As a scholarship opens, we will look through applications to see if we can fill the spot based on financial need.

 Scholarship Information:

  • Scholarships are based on financial need.  We must be able to verify this need through such as tax records or other official documents.

  • Scholarships are only available for classes.  Team is a break-even proposition as it is.  It would cause financial distress to Olympic Dreams if we offer scholarships for team at this time.

  • Families are eligible to apply for one 4-month full scholarship each year.  You may apply for partial scholarships at any time.

  • While most of our current scholarships are full scholarships, we decided to shift our emphasis to partial scholarships.  This means we can offer a lot more scholarships within the same budget.   We will still offer full scholarships on a need basis, but they will be harder to get than in the past.  Don’t let this discourage you from applying.  You never know what will open up.  You are welcome to decline any offering.

  • The golden rule applies here:  While it may seem cheep and easy for us to add a student into a small class for free, but there is a substantial cost associated with every student in our program.  In return for any scholarships offered, we expect the students and family be respectful of all rules for our program.  Violation of these rules may terminate your scholarship program at any time. 

  • Our scholarship program may be altered or terminated at any time, for any reason without notice.  We expect this program to continue indefinitely, but if, for example, we get into any financial hardships that threaten our continued existence, the scholarship program will be among the first programs to be adjusted or eliminated.

  • We are also working on offering a few classes at less popular times that will have a discounted price.  If interested, please check back regularly or send us an email to get on our mailing list so you will be one of the first to know about the class times.  Discounted classes may be used in conjunction with scholarships. Even if your total amount paid ends up to be zero, the scholarship would be considered a partial scholarship so you can keep re-applying year round. 

Would you like to help?

We fund our scholarship program primarily through:

  • the profits of running this business. 
  • Our booster club is capable of accepting donations as well. 
  • We also started a second business with the intention of funding our scholarship program. The business acts as a middleman for services you already use (you keep using your same company too - Dominion East Ohio Gas, First Energy, Verizon, Sprint, Dish...).  Some of the services require term agreements (ie 6 months - 2 years), but others (like gas and electric) allow month to month plans so you can try it out before making any longer term decisions. 

If you are interested in helping through a donation, you can stop by the office and we can direct you to the booster club.  If you want to give our services a try, we suggest looking first at gas or electricity (or both).  We also offer other services that you can choose, but gas and electricity are the easiest.  Just click on the link below and look around.  The process takes about 5 minutes from start to finish and if you need help, you can call me directly during the day and I can walk you through the process.  Just choose your state and then choose natural gas & electricity.  Check the rates.  If you save money or at least match your current rates, would you consider giving our services a try?  And maybe even tell a friend?   If you are willing to help, please go now.  It will only take a few minutes and it will help us meet our goals. 

You won’t need a checkbook, but you will need your utility bill on hand.
Dawn and Gary Toussaint
Olympic Dreams L.L.C.

If you sign up for a utility, please let me know by forwarding your confirmation letter to