Looking to cancel enrollment?

Since we are service oriented, we require a 30 day written notice to end your enrollment.  This gives us time to adjust class times as needed or adjust coaching schedules.

You can send us a 30 day notice by snail mail, but the best way is to email us at gary@odgusa.com.  Please don't call to give notice as there is no paper trail - the paper trail is for your benefit as your request will be date stamped.

Foundational Structure of Olympic Dreams

  • We are committed to creating an environment that breeds success through a positive experience for our athletes, their parents and our staff.
  • We set goals with our students and then help create a plan for achieving those goals; often through countless bite sized pieces providing countless opportunities for success. When obstacles arise, we are not afraid; instead we embrace the growth that results from it.
  • We train our competitive team members to be leaders and we are working on developing a full blown leadership training program for our educational class program as well.
  • We understand our role in the community and as such we take an active role in the betterment of our community. Great leaders know that leadership comes through service.
  • Our newest focus is on creating a greater team approach from our staff where everyone is on the same page and working even more efficiently as a single unit. We are not yet completing each other’s sentences, but it is just a matter of time.

More about our philosophy

"Goals are a means to an end, not the ultimate purpose of our lives. They are simply a tool to concentrate our focus and move us in a direction. The only reason we really pursue goals is to cause ourselves to expand and grow. Achieving goals by themselves will never make us happy in the long term; it's who you become, as you overcome the obstacles necessary to achieve your goals, that can give you the deepest and most long-lasting sense of fulfillment"


- Anthony Robbins