Olympic Dreams is Putting Safety and Cleanliness First

We're operating in compliance with all CDC guidelines. With so many sports up in the air, our gymnastics program is a great way for your child to get exercise and socialize in an environment that emphasizes cleanliness and safety.

DAILY CLEANING:  We hired a cleaning company to make sure our gym is professionally cleaned and sanitized.

Sanitation: We have a local cleaning company clean and sanitize our facility to further ensure bacteria and germs are reduced, creating a safer environment.  We love this local company and they do a great job.

We encourage parents to stay and watch practice.  However, there is limited seating for the time being.  Please don’t move the seats closer to each other.  If all the seats are taken, you are welcome to stand but please follow CDC guidelines of 6 feet apart. Also please wear a mask, per Ohio State mandate.

Gymnasts may wear a mask while entering or leaving the building but cannot wear a mask during practice.  This is a safety issue as we don’t want the mask to slide up over the eyes while flipping or performing skills.

We are grouping 2 or 3 athletes together as “gym buddies.”  They won’t always be 6 feet apart but will regularly work as the same “family” group.  According to the “experts,” this is the best way to keep things safe in an environment where kids will need to interact.  Kind of like additional family members.

Practice times have been spread out so that there will be a limited number of athletes in the gym at one time.  During the summer, we divided up the workouts into 3 different time zones – morning, afternoon, and evening.  This system allows us to isolate a day or time zone if we find that someone is affected.  It will limit potential exposure for everyone.

If you or your child is feeling sick – or even just not quite right, please have them stay at home. According to the health experts, elevated temperature, cough, vomiting/diarrhea, shortness of breath, and lack of smell or taste should be taken as potential symptoms.  We understand that many of these things will normally occur, but still it is better to not infect others.  Class members can make up missed classes – just call the office or email us and we will help schedule your makeup.

We have temporarily eliminated our water fountain and replaced it with a hand washing station.

As you can see, we are taking every step to provide a safe and clean environment for your child to participate in the best sport, gymnastics! There are truly very few things better than gymnastics and we are glad you are part of it.

Call us at 330-759-1916 or send an email to gary@odgusa.com for more information.



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